Abstract expressionism was America’s first major homegrown art movement, an intensely physical style that splashed bursts of colour across gallery walls all over the world. Born in the 1940s, its influence can still be felt, not least in the powerful geometric designs and exciting blocks of colour that make today’s interiors so dynamic.

This is a design style dedicated to expressing emotion and personality – the perfect choice for anyone whose home is a celebration of their own inner landscape. The bold, abstract patterns and forceful colours create thrilling visual sensations, while the hand-drawn lines and playful shapes add vigour and vitality to the mix.

Combine bedding and cushions with a few well-chosen ceramics or framed abstract prints to add real visual liveliness to the bedroom. Now that 2020’s warmer colours are moving away from the cooler tones of recent times, when it comes to indulging in some serious self-expression there’s no better time than today.