Bedrooms are special places for almost everyone.

 As adults, we often think of our bedroom as a place to escape – an island of tranquillity and calm that helps us rest and recharge in the midst of a busy life. For a child, however, a bedroom is much more than that. It’s a place of imagination and play, of exploration and adventure. It’s only right that we adults help our kids enjoy every moment they spend in this limitless world.

We can do our bit by creating bedrooms that are sympathetic to their rainbow personalities. Colour and light help them grow into themselves, while carefully chosen bedding and other fabrics create the backdrop against which their effervescent ideas can burst through.

 Why reach for kids’ bedroom clichés such as tired cartoon characters or poor pastel shades when there are so many more exciting options available? Let’s not limit their imaginations with ill-considered interior décor when we can help them express their identities and grow their own sense of style.

 After all, our kids are the stylists of tomorrow, with their own irresistible take on what their world should look like. These days, this often includes emulating some of the style ideas they see around them in the grown-up world. ‘Mini me’ kids’ fashions are big news, with leading designers creating clothing that mimics the looks that we adults love.

Let some of that aspirational thinking flow through into the bedroom and you’ll help your kids develop a more sophisticated sense of their visual world. Take a lead from current trends but give them a kid-friendly twist – using white space, for instance and carefully chosen accessories and colourful detailing help create an environment that’s fun to be in. 


Adults immersed in a world of toddlers and infants sometimes forget that growing up happens quickly, but life changes fast for children. New trends and new passions can sweep through their life in no time, so create their bedroom around pieces and patterns that can be easily switched, swapped or upgraded.

And don’t forget those all-important storage options. Kids will always love creating a whirlwind of mess – getting all the dressing up clothes out at once, for example – but if everything can be easily cleared away when playtime is over, it’s so much easier to settle down for the night.

Ultimately, don’t forget the power of the personal. Kids are finding their own space in the world, and we all know that at times, life can seem a little too much. But a bedroom filled with colour, personality and light will always make the world seem a better place.