There’s something irresistibly glamourous about the idea of a night in a luxurious hotel, and bringing that same sophistication into the home is a dream that fires many imaginations. It’s no wonder, then, that this same passion for big statement design is making 2020 into the year that glamour comes alive.

For those who desire a bedroom that sizzles with bold, sassy styling, who better to turn to than Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen? His latest designs are all about maximum confidence combined with the elegance of luxe fabrics – an approach that delivers plenty of that unmistakeable luxury hotel style (though room service, unfortunately, is not included).

From gleaming graphite to glittering gold, the signature LLB colours make for big dramas in all kinds of spaces, while floral-inspired prints and classy detailing add an extra special luxurious touch. Now hotel chic can be an everyday pleasure – a design trend that can be enjoyed without leaving home.