From the spider plants of the 1970s, to the botanical style of today, we’ve long loved bringing the world of nature indoors. Whether we go for lush green leaves or vivid floral arrangements, the natural colours and textures of the outside world can transform a room.

So perhaps it’s no wonder that the natural world is such an inspiration for today’s interior fashions. From woodlands and meadows to more tropical regions of the world, the colours and patterns of nature are echoed in today’s fabric prints and textures. Colour palettes are also influenced, with deep greens, earthy browns and stone-like shades of grey.

For those who just want to enjoy feeling a little closer to nature without splashing out on new furniture, a beautifully styled bed can work wonders. Look for designs with naturally inspired graphic prints, daylight shades or the colours of the forest, and enjoy matching with a few well-chosen framed prints for the wall.

Wood grain patterns and colours deliver a cool sense of calmness and wellbeing, and designs inspired by nature work superbly with organic materials such as wood or stone.

Whatever you choose remember that natural colours and patterns are known for their mood-enhancing qualities, so treat your room as a joyous celebration of the world beyond your four walls.