Plain. It isn’t a word that necessarily gets the heart racing and the skin tingling. But it’s time to take on board the fact that plain fabrics in up-to-the-minute colours can work as hard as any other look. In fact, today’s combinations of elegant plain styles and simple colours can create a beautiful, contemporary room.

Our new collection of plain bedding is a great example of the way in which simple styles can breathe new life into a bedroom. We may have enjoyed big, bold colours in the past, but there’s a calmness and serenity in a simple, plain look that’s just perfect.

Surround yourself with plain, pastel tones and you create the ideal backdrop for big dreams or chilled out thoughts. But make sure you keep your eye on the quality of the pieces you buy. Good quality bedding will look good and feel wonderful, delivering the comfort you need when you want to lie back and let your stresses ebb away.

Remember that plain doesn’t have to mean monotonous. Layer up different shades of complementary and contrasting colours to add depth and interest to the room.