We all know what we expect from a British summer – frequent downpours with the odd glimpse of sunshine in between! But let’s be optimistic… every year tends to bring a heatwave or two, and even without the most extreme tropical spells, the temperature can still hot up enough to make sleeping a little uncomfortable.

So what’s the best way to keep cool at night when the weather takes a turn for the better?

  1. Use a light top layer

Lighten up your duvet with a top layer more suited to the warmer temperatures and your body will love you for it. As the sun really begins to shine, do what they do in hotter climes and switch the duvet for a light sheet. 

  1. Choose lighter colours

Summer isn’t the time for dark and heavy hues in the bedroom. Colour can make a huge difference to the way you feel, bright colours such as white, light greys, pale blues and rosy pinks will all help the room seem cooler. Plus, lighter shades absorb less heat in the daytime, so the bed really will feel better when you slip between the sheets. 

  1. Go for breathable fabrics

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the natural feel of cotton on your bed, as its fibres allow air to circulate more easily than is the case with many manmade fabrics. Cotton bedding is the perfect combination of breathability and softness, ideal for helping you get all the shut-eye you need.

  1. Lighten the load

Although summer-weight duvets are widely available, maybe this year you could try layering up a few thinner sheets and blankets instead? That way, you can easily control the temperature from day to day.

  1. Think about what’s underneath

When we’re considering ways to keep cool at night, most of us immediately think of our choice of cover – whether that’s a light duvet, a few blankets or just a thin sheet during the hottest of heatwaves. But don’t forget the sheet you sleep on. You’re in contact with it all night, and the choice of fabric can make a big difference to your summer comfort. Go for cotton and you’ll benefit from its superior breathability, with air circulating more freely.

  1. Keep a thicker blanket handy

Let’s not get too carried away with thoughts of tropical spells and long-running heatwaves. Even warm summer days can turn very cool at night, so make sure you’re prepared. Thin covers on a chilly night will leave you feeling just as uncomfortable as a thick duvet when it’s sweltering, so keep a thicker blanket or bedspread handy just in case.