Scandinavian design has long been heralded as some of the finest in the world, with its understated simplicity and quiet sophistication all helping it achieve world domination. And as far as interior design goes, Scandinavian styling is one of the major fashions of our time.

You don’t need to splash out on the most exclusive Scandinavian furniture to bring a touch of the Nordic countries into your home. Simple shapes and serene colours are all part of that magic Scandi mix, and with lots of minimalist designs available, it’s easy to add some bedding or a throw that reflects a fuss-free design philosophy.

But what happens when plain colours and neutral tones are looking a little too simple? Liven things up with a touch of pattern or texture. Minimal, repeating designs work perfectly with the Scandi look. Tufted touches are a wonderful way to add a little extra to the design, and fringes and pom poms are also very popular.

With plain walls in light colours and just a few simple items of furniture – simple patterned fabrics can really make their mark. Add a tufted rug or a fringed bedspread and see the way it adds a little visual warmth to the room without diluting the minimal beauty of the space.

And when you’re done decorating, slip your feet into some snuggly slippers, and embrace the feeling of “hygge” that a serene space brings.