It’s official. Pom poms are no longer just for bobble hats.

These irresistible fluffy balls are now the design detail of the day, decorating everything from cushions and curtains to pillows and throws. Subtle or vivid, outsized or tiny, they’ve been appearing in all kinds of arrangements from tassel-tied clusters to decorative rows. However they’re used, they add a fun and quirky touch to all kinds of interior fabrics.

Pom poms may conjure up images of home-based crafters winding wool round a cardboard ring, but today’s pom poms are being embraced by even the most high-end fashion gurus and interior designers. As a design detail, pom poms bring with them a sense of personality and fun. They’re a great way of adding a visual wink to even the coolest, most subtly stylish fashions and décor.

Fringes are also back with a bang, bringing their textured and tactile retro chic to everything from jackets and skirts to mirrors and lamps.

Fringing was the toast of the 2018 autumn/winter catwalks, with tassels and textures appearing across the collections. When it comes to high-end fashion, fringing can be experimental and exhilarating – a long way from the dainty dangling chintzy touches that decorated your grandmother’s long-lived standard lamp.

This embellished look is a big hit in the home, with the trend adding texture to a whole host of interior fabrics and objects. While sleek and simple minimal design trends remain popular, fringing is bringing some much-needed texture to even the most understated spaces.

Choose a blanket or throw with a luxurious fringed edge, and the room can quickly take on a Bohemian vibe – a sense of artistic experimentation that lifts everything out of the ordinary. Fringing adds richness and warmth too, helping to create a sense of opulence and indulgence in rooms that are otherwise calming and cool.

It’s a great way to introduce a touch of the glamour – think of the shimmer and swing of the Roaring Twenties for instance – and to enjoy life with a few extra frills.

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