From the grandeur of Renaissance Italy to the glitz of the Roaring Twenties, terrazzo surfaces have long been associated with style, luxury and understated glamour.

 Although some people trace terrazzo back as far as the mosaics of ancient Egypt, it was in 16thcentury Italy that it was developed and perfected. Initially used to cut costs – by setting marble chips into a binder such as lime or cement, surfaces could be covered far more cost-effectively than with authentic marble – it soon became a sought-after material in its own right.

 By the time of Hollywood’s golden age in the 1920s, terrazzo had made its way to the United States where it became one of the materials of choice for the era’s Art Deco showpieces. Its popularity endured well into the post-war period, with Hollywood’s Walk of Fame – created in 1958 – becoming one of the most recognisable terrazzo surfaces in the world.

 With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that terrazzo remains a popular choice in home decoration today. However, if covering your walls, floors or even kitchen worktops with terrazzo seems like a leap too far, you can still enjoy its cool artisan qualities with our help.

Our new Terrazzo bedding may take its inspiration from the material’s glitz and sheen, but the soft and luxurious fabric also makes it wonderfully easy to snuggle down in. With its combination of ochres, slates and blush pinks across a soft grey background, the bedding turned heads at London Fashion Week in September, and its subtle shades make it the perfect match for today’s cool, calming interiors.

 Whether you love our new bedding simply for itself or you fancy trying out the style before making a bigger commitment with floors or other surfaces, Terrazzo adds a touch of class to your bedroom. Concrete vases, slate grey table tops and other accessories with an industrial feel complement it beautifully, while a trip to see the Venetian originals could be your next terrazzo-themed holiday treat. Though unfortunately, we can’t help you with that!