Everyone loves a splash of colour in their home. Electrifying, vivid hues can add excitement and energy, while subtler tones can calm things down. Even if your taste is for very strong shades, don’t be afraid to introduce your favourite colours into your space – but remember to use a little caution. Colour is a powerful transformational tool, but you can still have too much of a good thing.

 Accents are a great way to add a splash of vibrant colour without going overboard – that way, you won’t get chance to tire of your choice as the seasons change. When you’re making your selection, take a look at the options in the actual room by adding fabric samples to see if the hues you love really work. And don’t forget that different lighting conditions can radically change how you see colour, so leave your samples in place throughout the day and keep taking a look.

Use a neutral background as a base on which to build, introducing either smaller coloured touches or going bigger with more expansive bursts. From delicate ornamental items to larger fabrics and textured expanses, have fun with the colours that lift your spirits the most. Rugs, pillows, throws and blinds are great ways to embrace your favourite colours without taking over the room.

 In the bedroom, your choice of bedding can be the best place to begin, with exciting colour and pattern options helping to add focus and interest to the space. But don’t stop at the duvet and pillows. Go further with accessories and throws – whether over the bed itself, or maybe draped artfully over a chair – or try cushions, rugs and even artworks to add the accents that will bring your room to life.